How to Enjoy Your Golden Years by Choosing to Make Peace with Aging

Many people have come to describe that phase of life after retirement as the “Golden Years.”  What a great way to look at aging.  While most of us think of youth as life’s most carefree time, the Gallup Global Emotions poll published in 2019 found that as those surveyed got older, they also reported less overall life stress.  

Embracing aging and the unique joys it affords can be just as beneficial as the idea of “aging well” or “healthy aging.” Here, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for how you too can start making peace with aging and live life to the fullest:

Explore your hobbies:

The “Golden Years” of adulthood are a wonderful time to revisit interests and passions that you may have put aside while holding down a career, maintaining a home or raising a family. Residents at senior living communities like ours have the time, space and resources to truly engage in what they love.  For some that might be taking an exercise or strength training class, picking up your knitting needles again or joining that car club you’ve always been interested in.  Others might enjoy participating in group activities like painting and jewelry making or relaxing alone by the fire in one of our comfortable gathering spaces while reading a good book.

Appreciate the abundance of free time:

As we get older, we find that it’s easier to develop insight into what we personally need to achieve contentment in this life. Once we become aware of our personal needs, we can start focusing on enjoying the present!  Some people choose to fill their days with friends and activities, others prefer to relax in their apartments and some like to maintain a healthy balance of each.  Life at a senior living community provides residents with opportunities to use their free time however they wish.

Abandon “old age” stereotypes:

Aging looks very different today than it did years ago, and many people are choosing to make the move to a senior living community in retirement and beyond, where they have more options and access to amenities and services as well as encouragement and support from a caring team.  This allows them to embrace their age and their abilities and make the most of every day.

Manage expectations:

Aging helps us to be more realistic with our expectations of what we can accomplish and how happy it will make us feel. Once we accept that the time left for us to significantly change our lives is limited, the idea of focusing primarily on the things that bring us joy can be quite fulfilling.

Here at Willowood at Mustang, residents enjoy access to quality services and amenities that make it easy for them to grow, thrive and make the most of every day.  Unlike most home settings, our community has an exercise room with fitness equipment, a courtyard with walking paths, a library and a beauty salon.  There are also endless opportunities to participate in activities, a variety of programming, classes and religious services, too. Willowood at Mustang employs a dedicated Life Enrichment Director to plan and oversee a full activities calendar that is driven by residents’ interests and requests.

Are you interested in a senior living community where age is no object, where expanding your horizons is encouraged and where you can try something new every day? Visit the Willowood at Mustang website to find out how our programs and services can provide you with opportunities to live a lifestyle that suits you, at any age.

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